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Jim & Eric

We sometimes like to joke with Margie that our love for her has grown stronger over the years in direct proportion to our love of buying and selling houses in and around Newton.


Since first meeting Margie many years ago, in the same temple where we were married, she has become both our close friend as well as our trusted real estate adviser and broker for all of the houses we’ve bought and sold in the last 10 years.


Actually, Margie found us the first house we bought together as a married couple soon after adopting our beautiful son Jacob. How she did it we’ll never know, but she was able to find us a wonderful house in Newton Centre when the market was so tight that sellers were receiving multiple offers for their homes within a day of being listed.


Margie’s knowledge of both the Newton area real estate market, as well as her contacts and close relationships with almost everyone who is crucial to the buying and selling of any property in Newton is no accident. She has spent the last 32 years of her professional life working harder than anyone we know to become one of the most highly regarded and successful business women and residential real estate brokers in Greater Boston.

Her experience has enabled us to make a sizable profit on every house we’ve bought and sold in Newton, but that’s not the reason we love her. We love her because we trust her and know that whenever she represents us in a real estate transaction that her first thoughts are about the happiness and future financial security of our family.


Thanks Margie for always continuing to put the love and security of our family first. For this reason alone, you’ll always be the friend and broker we turn to first whenever we want to buy or sell another home.

Jim, Eric & Jacob

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