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My first memory of Margie was in September of 2001, a few days before 9/11. Our girls had just started kindergarten together at the Ward School in Newton. After that horrific event took place, Margie and I, along with many of the other parents, became part of a tight knit group that sought emotional support and strength from each other by organizing school and children-centered events such as cupcake parties, group play dates, and after school finger painting parties.


As years went by, Margie and I remained friends as our kids continued to go to various schools together. However, my family situation changed during this time and I decided to sell my stately late 1800’s Victorian home on Ward Street where many of those kindergarten parties took place 12 years before.


When I made this hard decision to sell the home where I raised my family, I asked Margie for her advice and help in figuring out what I needed to do to make this huge emotional and physical move as painless as possible. As fate would have it, Margie had just listed a wonderful townhouse in the heart of Newton Centre. Though I fell in love with it and bought it, I wanted to make sure I sold my current home first. So as Margie helped me get my home ready to be sold, she was able to find short-term tenants to rent my recently purchased future home.


After Margie sold my home and helped me manage the renovation of my townhouse, I found myself in my first new home in 20 years and fell in love with it. After a couple of years though, I realized I missed living in a single family house so I asked Margie to list my townhouse for sale, and to help find me a single family home in Newton.


Little did I know that just a few days before, another parent whose child was in the same kindergarten class that Margie and my daughter were in 15 years before, had retained Margie to sell their gorgeous Tudor home that was now too big for them. And they wanted to move to a smaller home in…Newton Centre. So Margie sold them my townhouse, sold their Tudor, and found me a beautiful single family home that I bought… all in just 6 weeks.


Thanks Margie for being an incredible broker and an even better friend for all these years.



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