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Aiofe & Aidan

Having our entire family participate in a short video was a lot of fun, and the least we could do to acknowledge and thank Margie for the incredible work she did on our behalf in helping us buy our first home in America.


There’s no doubt in our minds that the only reason that our offer was accepted over those from other potential buyers was due to the high regard that Margie is held in by everyone who had to say “yes” for us to be able to buy our new home.


When we told our family and friends in Ireland as well as in America how smoothly and quickly we were able to close on our new home, especially in the face of competitive bids and the fact that we were first time home buyers in America, they said it must be the luck of the Irish. We told them, however, in our particular case, the only luck involved was our being lucky enough to have been referred to Margie by our dearest friend who happened to, also, have been a long time client of Margie’s.

Thanks Margie for being our very own four-leaf clover, and becoming a trusted friend to our entire family.


Aidan, Aoife & The Kids
Chestnut Hill

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