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Paula & Elliot



I’ve known Margie, literally, for her entire life. We were next door neighbors from the time she was born until she graduated elementary school, and have remained the closest of friends ever since.


So you can imagine how emotionally difficult it must have been for her (and me) when I asked her to sell my mother’s condo after she passed away since Margie knew my mother for over 45 years and was like a second mother to Margie.


What I didn’t realize, until she told me many years later, was that selling my mother’s condo was the hardest sale she had ever worked on and made. This wasn’t because  the sale, itself, was a difficult one to make since Margie had multiple buyers lining up to buy the condo from the moment she listed it.


Margie said that selling it was so hard to do because she wanted to do it in a way that both honored my mother’s memory and the love that she had for her while making the whole process  less stressful for me a because she knew that I was still grieving and mourning her passing.


Thanks Margie for all of your love and compassion; but, above all, for your years of being my best friend.




I have, actually, known Margie longer than I’ve known Paula. I first met Margie when she was referred to me just as I had started to look for a new smaller home after selling my large home where I had lived for over 30 years. I raised my two sons there as a single parent for 20 of those years as a widower having lost my wife many years before.


Because I was doing this all on my own, I came to rely on Margie as much for her words of wisdom as for her uncanny ability to find homes to show me that seemed to miraculously come onto the market the very same day we saw them. She finally found a great condo for me in Watertown which I loved, but she somehow suggested I’d love it even more if I met someone who could make it a home and not just a condo.


Little did I know that not only was Margie looking for a house for me; but that she was, also, keeping an eye out for that special “someone”.


So, given the video that you’ve just watched, it should come as no surprise that Margie fixed me up with Paula who had lost her husband 10 years previously. That special something happened between the two of us and before I knew it we were deeply in love with each other. And guess what? We moved in together and Paula became that special “someone” who Margie had hoped would make my new house a home filled with happiness, love and laughter.


Thanks Margie for helping me find both my new home and the new love of my life.

Paula & Elliot


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