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Mark & Jen

Margie has been both our exclusive realtor and good friend for over 13 years. We first met Margie when she was referred to us soon after we decided to put our beautiful (but small) condo in Chestnut Hill on the market so that we could find a larger home for our growing family.


We felt an immediate connection with her when we both realized that she was much more interested in what was best for our first baby, puppy, and us as new parents rather than just getting the listing.


We followed our gut instincts and not only gave Margie the listing for our condo; but, also, asked her to represent us in our search for a larger home. Because we wanted to move into a single family home rather than another condo, we realized that, to do so, would require that we make certain sacrifices in order to stay within our budget.


Margie was incredibly sensitive to the financial realities of our situation, and helped us to understand that we would have to make certain trade-offs in order to find a large single family house in a good neighborhood that could become our new home to our family of four.


In a very tight real estate market, Margie was able to find us a wonderful house (in need of a little TLC) in a great Needham neighborhood. What really impressed us, though, was that she was able to get it for a price that we could afford because she knew us well enough to know that both of our families were handy enough to easily do the necessary work on the house…work that saved us thousands of dollars while transforming our family’s first house into our family’s first home. A home in which we happily lived in for over 5 years until we outgrew it with the addition of two more incredible kids.


And speaking of that first house and that great Needham neighborhood that Margie originally found for us, and our kids loved so much. When we asked Margie to both sell that house and find us a larger one, she blew us and especially our kids away by finding us our new home… literally just around the corner from where we were already living!


Thanks Margie.


Jen, Mark & The Kids

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